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All of our products are designed by a team of talented and exclusive teenage designers who work with us to strive for the betterment of all. Order to donate and make a difference. 


We're excited to announce our third campaign, an eco-friendly shopping bag charity sale! All the reusable shopping bags for this event have been collaboratively designed by a group of passionate and proactive students.

In the global effort to combat plastic pollution and protect our environment, there's a strong push to ban single-use plastic bags and work towards a goal of zero plastic waste. These eco-friendly reusable shopping bags serve as a great alternative to regular plastic bags. We hope our designs can make a difference in protecting our planet.

All proceeds from this sale will be donated to Campfire Circle, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting children diagnosed with cancer or severe illnesses. Campfire Circle offers free outdoor activities for families of adolescent cancer patients, helping them alleviate the mental and physical strains brought on by the illness, and to face their challenges with a more positive mindset. We hope our donation from BWCW will actively support this significant milestone in their charitable journey.

New Arrival! Face masks are our latest line of products. Our organization started in early 2021 as a charitable campaign to raise funds for healthcare workers amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. Now with face masks being assimilated into our everyday life, we also wish to revisit where we started and introduce some cheerful colours and artistic elements into this aspect of our lives. 

Our masks are high-quality, reusable and designed by our talented and exclusive local designers. You can breathe with ease and a feeling of security when wearing these masks as they block UV lights, filter large particles such as pollens, and prevent droplets. Get one now to protect yourself and your loved ones! We are in this together! 

all bag designs.png
all bag designs.png

Shopping bags were the first series of products we launched and marketed as a group amid the COVID-19 pandemic as an effort to support frontline healthcare workers. With the revenues from selling these bags, we made our first donation to the Oakville Hospital Foundation and began our journey to strive for the better of all in our community and society.


We now only have a very limited stock of these bags exclusively for our valued online donors. 

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