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  • What payment methods are available?
    We are currently accepting payments and donations through Interac e-Transfer (Autodeposit), PayPal and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, UnionPay, JCB, Diners, Discover and more).
  • Will I receive proof of donation?
    Yes. We will automatically issue proof of donation and a certificate of appreciation to donors who donated more than CA$200.00. Due to the high numbers of orders and donations, other donors will receive receipts should they request so by contacting us. We may also issue other documentation or proof of donation upon request. However, we do not issue donation receipts for income-tax purposes. If you have further questions about proof of donation or any documentation, please contact us through email.
  • Can I donate more than the designated price for my purchase?
    Yes! And we'll deeply appreciate it! We provide a "customized donation ($1)" option on our ORDER & DONATE page for donors who do not want to order physical products or want to make additional donations on top of other purchases. If you want to donate CA$50 through this option, simply add 50 custimozed donation ($1) into your cart!
  • How does shipping work for my purchase? (Outside of Oakville, ON)"
    For purchases over CA$50, we can ship them to all Canadian and US addresses for FREE! If your purchase is equal to or below CA$50, we will charge a shipping fee per order based on the rates provided by Canada Post. You will be able to see all available shipping options and rates based on the shipping address you provide during check out. For all international addresses, we charge a flat rate of CA$22 for shipping and CA$3 as handling fees. And this number is subject to change and is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please see Shipping & Returns for more details.
  • How does shipping work for my purchase? (For Oakville, ON)"
    For purchases over CA$30, we will directly deliver your order to your Oakville address for FREE! We provide FREE pick-up service for all orders at Glen Abbey Community Centre regardless of the amount of the order. We strongly encourage all donors in or near Oakville to use this option since this would substantiouly reduce our staffers and volunteers' workload. You can also always choose to use the Expedited Parcel shipping option that we provide to the entire Province of Ontario, which would require an additional shipping fee if your purchase is not over CA$50. Simply indicate your choice of shipping method when you check out. For more details, please see Shipping & Returns.
  • Can I cancel an order after I placed and paid for it?
    You can inform us via email should you wish to cancel an exhisting or placed order. We will try our best to cancel an already-placed order upon request. However, an cancellation is not guarunteed after payment, and we would not longer be able to cancel any order that has been shipped. If you already received your order or it has been shipped, you can consider to return it. If your already-paid order was cancelled sucessfully, we will reach out to you to issue a refund.
  • What does Because We Can Win Group do with my information?
    We are stricitly abide by Provincial and Federal laws and regulations concernig privacy. For details, please refer to our privacy policy.
  • Can I join Because We Can Win Group?
    Yes! A not-for-profit organization that strives for the betterment of all cannot thrive without support or enthusiasm from our community! Please contact us via email for any recruitment inquiries.
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